What has the library done with the $404,000 received as a gift from the trust of Charles Heffer in 2014?

  • A “New Library Construction Fund” was established.  Gifts and Donations are the principal revenue into this fund.

Where will the new library be built?

  • On our current property, including the adjacent site to the north.  

Where will the money come from to build the new library?

  • Private and corporate donors, foundations, and state and federal grants. 

Will the library Board of Trustees be asking for a millage to build the new library?

  • No. Our goal is to fund this project entirely through donations–including individual gifts, private grants and public dollars from State and Federal programs. 

How will the new library be operated and maintained?

    1. A new building will be constructed only when trustees are certain that adequate funds are available in perpetuity for its proper operation. An endowment and a small increase in the library’s operations millage are both being considered.   

What will happen to the old library?

  • The original, 1934 stone building will be renovated and incorporated into the new building design.

Why do we need a new library?  Books are becoming obsolete.

    1. Libraries have never been only about books. A library’s purpose has always been about reaching one’s potential at all stages of life, and building community. Prior to the Internet books were the primary means of acquiring knowledge and new skills. And far from being obsolete, books are still the most important means for learning how to read as well as accessing information and acquiring knowledge. In addition to curating physical collections of books libraries are often the most important community institution for accessing the Internet and acquiring new technology skills, and for participating culturally and civically in our community.
    2. The current building is much too small. Currently, the Kalkaska County Library building is about 1/3 the size of libraries that serve a similarly sized community. We need more space in order to provide Kalkaska with relevant, in-demand programs and services.  
    3. Virtually all of the library’s current programming is impacted by the lack of space. For example, patrons can be denied the use of a computer when a technology program is in session, adult meetings and presentations are often conducted in the children’s and teen areas, and there are no private or semi-private areas to conduct tutoring sessions or small-group meetings. 

How can I get involved?

  • Contact Library Director, John Roberts: 231-258-9411 | john@kalkaskalibrary.org