“Community facilities and services play an important role in the Village’s economy and vitality. They provide jobs and serve educational, health, recreational, and government needs of the Village and County, attract new and expanded businesses, and broaden cultural opportunities. In order to continue to accomplish these objectives, they will need to change over time. And the quality of these services and facilities is linked inextricably with the Village’s quality of life—and with the ability to successfully conduct business within the Village. It is imperative to ensure that these facilities have the resources and space needed to fulfill their vital community functions.”

~ Master Plan 2018. Village of Kalkaska. Accessed at https://kalkaskavillage.com/


“The Downtown Development Authority recognizes the strides our library has made in the evolution of how a library is used in today’s society. It’s a social gathering place, technological learning center, childhood development center, and an overall driver of economic activity. We’re fortunate to have it located in the very center of downtown Kalkaska.” 

~ Cash Cook, Director, Village of Kalkaska Downtown Development Authority


“It’s difficult to imagine a revitalized downtown Kalkaska without a new library at its heart.” 

~ John Roberts, Director, Kalkaska County Library


“The library is no longer a simply a book repository, but has taken on a critical role in the Kalkaska educational system and community. This is reflected in both the library’s mission and physical space. Historically, books were the primary means of learning and library facilities were largely devoted to physical collections. Today, books remain important, but less space is allocated towards physical collections and more space is held for flexible, collaborative programming and community space. By connecting patrons and community members to new ideas, expertise, resources, and relationships, the library effectively builds community from the individual up.”

~ Master Plan 2018. Kalkaska County Library. Accessed at https://www.kalkaskalibrary.org/about/